From the Big 5 to the Small 5, all components of a bush experience. Big or Small, Young or Old, Plant ,Bird, Predator or Mammal, Soil or Rock, Grass or Trees - These ALL make up the experience.

Etali Insect
Etali Hyena Pup
Etali Pied Kingfisher

Every day in the bush brings a new experience, as nature reveals her wealth of beauty.
Enjoy the exciting unpredictability of an early-morning game drive with an expert ranger whose hawk-eyes will spot memorable moments ...a leopard sitting on a rock licking his paws ...the black rhino with attitude ...the watchful matriarch elephant, bigger than you ever imagined ...a pride of lions relaxing in the shade ...grazing zebras forming patterns in the grass ...the 'painted' wild dogs in their den ...giraffes, the lookout towers of the bush. Madikwe has a vast diversity of birds with over 350 species recorded so far – perhaps you'll be the one who adds another to the list.
If you prefer, a sunset game drive is the best time to enjoy rush hour at the water hole. We offer two game drives per day inclusive in our package.

Etali Jackal Bird Attack
Etali Wilddog
Etali Young Male Lion